Kansas City Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club President Mark Bayer, left, and Vice-President Frank Sereno, right, recognized Robert Blakely, center, at the 2014 Fall Picnic for his longtime dedication to the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club.  Robert received a signed letter from VJMC President Tom Kolenko, a commemorative plaque from the KCVJMC, and a KCVJMC show t-shirt.

Welcome to the Kansas City Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (KCVJMC)!  We're an active local chapter of the national Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (VJMC) providing a conduit for other VJM enthusiasts in the Kansas City area.

Founded in 1977, the VJMC is the premier worldwide club dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of vintage Japanese motorcycles (20 years old or older) and the promotion of the sport of motorcycling.

The KCVJMC provides a great way to become involved in the local community while enjoying a shared hobby. Our club is a valuable link for untapped, unknown local and national vintage Japanese motorcycle resources.  The KCVJMC also plans monthly meetings, rallies and fundraisers for local Kansas City and national charities.

Our club meets the last Sunday of every month from 3p-4:30p at Denny's Restaurant, 6887 E Front St, Kansas City, MO. Just off I-435, it's approximately two (2) miles south of Worlds of Fun.

There are currently no KCVJMC membership fees as we operate strictly on a volunteer-only basis.  Monetary donations to the KCVJMC are accepted.  Those funds are strictly used to provide no-charge food and drinks at our shows, develop club marketing materials, and maintain our website.

For your convenience use the PayPal button below.  Thank you!


Sun., 11/30/14    KCVJMC Monthly Meeting

Sun., 12/28/14    KCVJMC Monthly Meeting

Sun., 1/25/15      KCVJMC Monthly Meeting

Sun., 2/22/15      KCVJMC Monthly Meeting

Sun., 3/29/15      KCVJMC Monthly Meeting

Sun., 4/26/15      KCVJMC Monthly Meeting

Sat., 5/9/15         KCVJMC 5th Annual Spring Show and Swap Meet (location TBA)

Sun., 5/31/15      KCVJMC Monthly Meeting

Sat., 6/27/15       KCVJMC 4th Annual All Japanese Motorcycle Rally (location TBA)

Sun., 6/28/15      KCVJMC Monthly Meeting

Sun., 7/26/15      KCVJMC Monthly Meeting

Sat., 8/8/15         KCVJMC 3rd Annual VJMC Midwest Regional Show (location TBA)

Sun., 8/30/15      KCVJMC Monthly Meeting

Sun., 9/27/15      KCVJMC Monthly Meeting

Sun., 10/25/15    KCVJMC Monthly Meeting

Sun., 11/29/15    KCVJMC Monthly Meeting

Sun., 12/27/15    KCVJMC Monthly Meeting


2/1/15   Santa Fe Trail Motorcycle Show (Lawrence, KS)

2015     BMW Motorcycle Rally (Location TBA)

2015     Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts Show (Location TBA)

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Yahoo Groups: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/KCVJMC/info

Facebook:  KCVJMC