Our 3rd Annual KCVJMC All Japanese Motorcycle Rally was held on Saturday July 19, 2014.  A local independent scooter shop sponsored the event.  Scooter World sells a variety of scooters, however, the mechanics work on and customize larger vintage Japanese motorcycles as well.  The event was listed as a 10 am till 2 pm event but as usual riders began showing up early.  By 9:30 am, there were at least 50+ bikes.  Around 11 am we had over 100 bikes and throughout the day my guess is that we went over 200 machines.  The event was well attended by our own members but we also saw dozens of new riders and machines.  It's fun to see new vintage Japanese enthusiasts come out of the woodwork.   We had many local exhibitors from Kansas and Missouri as well as riders from as far away as Manhattan, Kansas, North St. Louis, and Springfield, Missouri.  We were also visited by people from smaller towns representing attendees from approximately a 40 mile radius around the Kansas City area.   The weather which is often a concern turned out to be perfect.  It was cooler than normal which was great in that summers in July can be uncomfortably hot.

Our club has attracted the vintage Japanese motorcycle enthusiast in our area and we are cultivating a following well beyond our immediate club.  Many people now recognize VJMC as the premier vintage Japanese motorcycle club because of our events, and see our chapter as friendly, active, and a great resource for information, parts, and advice. 

Above all, the event was simple, fun, and engaging to the Japanese motorcycle enthusiast.  As is usual, everything went smoothly except that I forgot to bring the ribbons and had to ride around 50 miles to get them (round trip figures).   Hopefully this won't happen again in the future!  On the way back home to pick up the ribbons I passed by a couple riding an early 80's Yamaha XS1100.  They were stopped on a side street so I thought I would turn around and invite them to the show.  When I was beside them I mentioned the show, the rider responded, "that's where we are headed."  How great is that!  I later saw the bike at the show so they did make it.  Above all it was fun and that was clearly apparent.  

This year we were heavy on Yamaha XS650's, stock as well as cafe racers.  We had several CBX's, a late version 305 Scrambler,  a near perfect GB500, a great FT500,  several early 70's  Yamaha 350 R5's, and  a nice Suzuki RE5.   There was an XS400 Yamaha cafe racer and a stock SR500 Yamaha.   We ran out of ribbons by 12:30 (we had ordered 125 of them).

Another show has passed and it was a great success.  As our club has become a high profile club, attendance has increased.  Our next event is the 2nd. annual VJMC Regional Rally & Show scheduled for Saturday August 9th.  So far, every new event has exceeded the same event of the previous year.  Hopefully this will be the case with this next event.  If the weather is good, I'm sure it will do well.

Mark Bayer, President KCVJMC