2012 Bill Brown Motorcycle and Scooter Collection Tour 

One of Kansas City's leading antique motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts is Bill Brown.  Bill has a unique collection and he graciously agreed to open his shop just for the KCVJMC.

About 10 KCVJMC members were given a personal tour, encouraged to ask questions, and allowed to take pictures of all the machines.  Bill is proud of his collection and not only shared his in-depth knowledge of each bike and scooter but also the history of the make/model.

Once the tour was complete, KCVJMC members were allowed to ride Bill's modified pit bike around the property.  Members cruised around the back yard on a Honda Trail-70 upgraded to a 110cc motor, automatic three-speed, and performance exhaust.  Everyone had a great time and we are grateful for the tour.

A special thank you to Bill for allowing our club to visit.