6th Annual KCVJMC Spring Show benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)

Saturday, May 21st 2016 9a-2p

No Whammys!  That's what we kept telling ourselves as our 6th Annual Spring Show event date crept closer.  Would it finally rain on this event?  Would we have all the set-up accomplished?  Could we raise money for MDA and beat our 2015 number?

The day opened with a beautiful sunrise, clear skies, and cool breeze and we knew the event would be a success from the very start.  All the perfect ingredients came together to make this show one of our best yet.  There were so many show motorcycles in the bike corral that we needed to move the orange fencing to squeeze more in!  All together, there were approximately 100 motorcycles in the show space and another 50 stopped by to visit.  The success of this show is due to the assistance of many different partners:

THANK YOU Donnell Shiflett, Bart Shiflett, Chris Thacker and the entire staff at Donnell’s Motorcycles!  For the 3rd year in a row, they hosted the event allowing us complete access to your dealership. They provided their entire parking lot for KCVJMC bikes and donated money as well.  They also provided a $200 helmet for a raffle giveaway, too.  Donnell's Motorcycles is a tremendous partner with the KCVJMC.  Remember that when you buy your next motorcycle, need service, or want parts.  Please support them in kind.

THANK YOU Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Brian Studdard, Executive Director, and his entire group of MDA volunteers!  Thanks to Val, Dave, and Austin for procuring/cooking/serving both breakfast and lunch. We couldn't ask for a better charity partner than you!

THANK YOU All Star Catering and KC Pastry Company for the donated food and beverage.  Nobody went hungry or thirsty during the event and you kept our energy high the entire time!  With your donations, 100% of all monies raised through food/drink sales went to fight muscular dystrophy as well.

THANK YOU show attendees!  You make it possible to raise funds for MDA and bring out the best vintage Japanese motorcycles in the region.

THANK YOU KCVJMC members!  There is no question our club success is because of you.  This was the best show in terms of volunteer support to date.  Everything ran so smoothly with your help Mark and I were able to focus on participant and spectator interaction.  In no particular order but all of significant importance:  John B., Bill B., Jim B., Jim K., Claude C., Cliff, Drew W., Mike J., and Kelli B.  SPECIAL THANKS to club members Mark B., Kelli B., and Claude C. for providing free give-away or raffle items.

If you know an entity or individual we failed to mention contact us directly. It was an unintended omission and we'll ensure proper recognition is given.

Thanks to everyone for making the 6th Annual KCVJMC Spring Show a success.  By the time the event ended we counted over 100 motorcycles and raised nearly $2500 for MDA!

Mark Bayer, KCVJMC President
Frank Sereno, KCVJMC Vice-President