Thanks to all KCVJMC members and show attendees for donating $1227 year-to-date to the Muscular Dystrophy Association in 2017.  Our four year running total is now over $18k!

Paying it forward is part of our Kansas City heritage

Our members love KC and giving back to the community is one of the founding principles of this club.  We take pride in our motorcycles and city, too.  Helping club members and those in need enables us to bring positive change and build toward a better future.  It feels great to give back to our favorite city!

Why the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) - Kansas City

MDA provides needed assistance right here in town helping our friends and neighbors overcome the difficulties of muscular disease.  They also help the KCVJMC with event organization and make our shows/rallies some of the best you'll find in the Midwest.  Our partnership is one built on trust and transparency.  Know every single donation you provide goes right to MDA. Click here to learn what the MDA does for Kansas City!  Watch this video to learn more about the MDA Kids Summer Camp in Linwood, KS.

Money and the KCVJMC

The focus of the KCVJMC is the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of vintage Japanese motorcycles (20 years old or older) and the promotion of the sport of motorcycling and camaraderie of motorcyclists everywhere.  Club members and supporters donate their time, effort, and money to bring our events to life.  The KCVJMC keeps nothing what-so-ever; all net revenue goes directly to MDA.  It's that simple and that's how we want to keep it.