In the Summer of 2013, An auction of about 50 Bikes came up for sale.  I noticed a 1971 Honda Cb100 was in the Auction and thought I might check it out for Parts for my CB100. After arriving I quickly figured out there was nothing on it that I could use. The bike had been wrecked… The Engine was seized…Even the Muffler was damaged. As you might guess I passed any interest to the next bidder. While we were there though,  I did notice a 1971 Honda CT90 with 1200 miles on it. It was in poor condition. But the engine turned over and seemed like a nice easy restore job. On a Wagon of other Motorcycle parts was an Auxillary Tank for the CT90 along with some other Suzuki parts. I set my sights on buying it… as the CT90  hadn’t come up for sale yet.   Funny thing happened. I bid on it and thought I had it bought for $20. However, the Auctioneer deemed someone else had bought it. James who was with me asked the other bidder if he was interested in it. Turns out he only wanted the Suzuki Parts. So, we split the lot at $10 he got his Suzuki parts and I Got my CT90 Tank. I bought another part at the auction and resold it at the same auction for a $10 dollar Profit. So Now I have the Tank for free. Later on the CT90 came up for sale…Bidding was slow and I eventually bought it at a give-away price. After we signed over the Title and got the keys, We loaded it on James’ truck and dragged it home. We got home and  Of course, the wife saw it come off the truck. And, pleaded her Case of   J.U.N.K.    I put it in my storage shed till I could get some tires for it. I mounted the New tires myself.  And that Fall I had it spruced up enough to take in for inspection. It passed easily.

I decided to re-purpose the bike into a show/commuter bike. So I mounted some Michelin Gazelle tires on it. Figuring It won’t be on the Trails again. The thing that you notice about the bike right away is its Total Utility ability.

Go anywhere is the Theme. And I mean anywhere. With it’s altitude control.  Plus, the extra Tank gives you 3 Gallons of Gas total. That much fuel can take you pretty far back in the woods. The drain off carb allows you to siphon off gas, to use to help start a Camp fire. The Extra Tank also has a Siphon hose. Now I can refuel the bike or someone else’s.

The Dual Range Semi Auto Transmission in Low gear Allows the rider to climb hills like a mule. And in the High Range it becomes a Commuter Bike with a top speed of 40-45 MPH. FYI, I have read about Higher CC engines that fit on these bikes but Honda didn’t design these bikes to go over 50MPH.  Vibration and stopping ability are at Issue.  When I was a kid the CT90 was a curious looking machine. But, I was from the city so a CT90 was something that didn’t register with me what it was really for. I made a few changes on this Bike…Besides the tires,  I changed out the Heel/toe shifter to a Trail bike collapsible shifter. Wow.. Big difference,  and  I’m sure Honda would approve. Plus, I added a Luggage Bag to the Rear Rack for Grocery store runs.  Yep, you guessed it. The Wife likes it now. The only thing that was wrong with the Engine was that the Valves were not tuned right. It starts on the first kick now and is completely reliable with no oil leaks. The best part about it now is those Grocery store runs in the  Summer.  Almost without fail, someone will ask about it while at the store.   Which indicates that the CT90 was very well remembered.

Claude Chafin