About my 1986 Yamaha SRX600 Super Single. A one year in the US bike. 19,000 produced. Most were sold in Europe and Asia. 41 horsepower. Top speed 106 mph. Weight wet was 387 lbs. MSRP was $2599 in 1986.

I had been interested in finding a single cylinder Yamaha SR500 to play with but one wasn't coming along. During my search I became aware of the SRX600 Super Single. I had some searches set up on ebay for SR500s and the SRX600. This bike popped up for sale on ebay locally. Actually very locally to me in Kansas City North.  I contacted the seller and drove over with a neighbor was was my riding buddy. Low miles around 7000 or so. I bought it. I think I was the third owner.  Rode it home.

A 600 cc single kick start only. Automatic decompression when using the kick starter via a cable tied to the lever. It was counter-balanced so it doesn't shake like the old singles. There is a method to starting it cold. The way I did it was to kick it over to find TDC, ignition off. Choke. Kick it once. Key on. Find TDC. No throttle. Kick and it would fire. Let it warm up a bit and you are good to go. Warm it fired right up. It came with a Supertrapp muffler installed and the stock muffler was included. A 4 valve head with two header pipes going into one pipe. It made a beautiful sound when you were on the pipe.

In 1986 you could buy an inline four cylinder bike with electric start for about the same money. No one wanted a kick start only 600cc single at that time. It didn't sell.

I had a great time riding it. When I bought it there were no markings on the side covers or the tank so I added them. Bought new tires. The time came when I had an injury to my back at work and the seating position which was somewhat leaned over was not as friendly to me. So I sold it to get something more comfortable for me.