Here is my 1974 Honda CB550 that I spent over a year restoring.  The bike was owned originally by a friends father down near Louisburg, KS.  He rode it occasionally on his gravel road to his mailbox and had the bike for 25 years and never licensed it.  It sat in the storage shed for many years being pushed from one corner to another until I convinced him to let me have the bike and restore it.  These bikes aren't rare but I always liked the look and durability of them and this one was going to be a challenge.  Given the bike's poor visual appearance covered in dirt, rust, wasp nests, and two bad fork seals and flat tires.   I was able to get the bike started and running after an afternoon at home.  The original color was Boss Maroon metallic which I was not fond of so now everything is black.  I have removed, cleaned, replaced everything but the engine on this bike.  I spent a significant amount of time documenting the restoration process with good photos the before and after state of many of the major parts on the bike from the day I brought it home on the trailer to it's current state.

I have replaced the tires, tubes, ignition coils, and wires, carbs cleaned and rebuilt, front brake rebuilt with phenolic piston and new seal, gas tank rust removed, new side covers, painted gas tank, new air filter, and the rest has been lots of cleaning and polishing.

This was a labor of love and is a blast to ride and take to vintage shows.

Visit Wade's picture album to see the entire transformation here:

Wade Lahr "KCKid"