The Kansas City Chapter of VJMC held its 5th Annual  "All Japanese  Motorcycle Rally and Swap Meet" on Saturday June 18th. of 2016.  It was held in an area called the West Bottoms, an old industrial area dating back to the early 1900's.  The old stone buildings were a great backdrop for the vintage motorcycles.  The area is also a place where there are a number of small custom motorcycle builders, a great service shop called Cafe Racer, and several riding attractions for motorcyclists.  The general location has also been used before for a few motorcycle shows and events.  We had lost our last location because of a business move so we thought this area might be a worthy new location.

We used a large dedicated fenced off lot as our event area which was provided by the events coordinators overseeing the general area.  Amber of Full Moon Productions was our contact person and they were generous and helpful to our club.  We truly appreciate their support.  We actually had three groups who worked with us to support the show.  Cafe Racer, Full Moon Productions, and a group called Hickory Union Moto.  Hickory Union Moto is an organic group of motorcycle enthusiasts who build, restore, and customize old motorcycles, many being old Japanese bikes.  We have worked hard to create positive working relationships which are supportive.

The event was a success and lots of fun.  The heat kept some away in that temperatures had been around or over the 100 degree mark for several days.  You would hardly need a fire to cook your hamburgers!   It seems that it's either heavy rains, a nonstop drizzle, excessive heat, or strong winds which impact activities, but this is what we often have to contend with in our region.  None the less, we just schedule our events and hope for the best sometimes winning and other times not doing as well.   The only impact was that many left the event a little early.

We had around 100 bikes throughout the day and I'm sure well over several hundred people in attendance.  We signed up a number of new members, sold several hundred dollars worth of "T" shirts (all money going to the Muscular Dystrophy Association), and above all had a good time.  We met dozens of new people from as far away as Colorado and western Kansas, fermented a few old relationships, forged some new ones, and handed out hundreds of pieces of information about upcoming events, VJMC membership, and what's going on in the KC motorcycle community.  KCVJMC has become one of the better known motorcycle clubs in our area and we have worked hard to maintain a good standing in the community.

We had around ten or twelve swap meet vendors, a little less than what is typical but they had some great stuff.  I am still thinking about the nicely restored 1963 Honda 250cc Scrambler (silver and red framed version) which was brought by one of the vendors!  What a nice bike.  Food was provided by Muscular Dystrophy Associationand served by director Brian Studdard.  The day went well, except for the heat, but people seemed to enjoy the bikes and many asked about our next event.  Hopefully it will not be weather challenged.

Thank you to our host and partners for making the event possible:

    Cafe' Racer
    All-Star Catering
    The Muscular Dystrophy Association
    Hickory Union Moto (HUM)
    Blip Coffee

We always want to thank our club members for attending and voluteering during the event.  Without your help our events would cease to exist.

Rally and Swap pictures:

This next event will be the VJMC Regional to be held in New Century, Kansas at the New Century Airport on Saturday August 6th, 2016.  New Century is around 30 miles south of Kansas City, a nice riding distance.  The location will be at the Commemorative Air Force Museum.  This group always has special WWII Planes brought to the show which is a real treat.  Nearly every year rides are available in these antique airplanes for a price, a rare opportunity.  I don't know for sure if this will be an option this year, planning is not yet complete, however rides have been offered at past events.  Plan on joining us at this event or others.  Check out our activities at:

Mark Bayer KCVJMC President
Kansas/Missouri VJMC Representative