The Kansas City Chapter of VJMC held their 2nd. annual "All Japanese Motorcycle Show" on Sunday, July 14th, 2013.

This event was another huge success for our club.  Great weather, an easy location to find, large crowds, many new visitors, and great camaraderie for those who like old Japanese bikes.  The location where we held our event is called the "City market" development.  The location is a modern facility which includes an open market, numerous restaurants, a museum, three large covered areas in which events can occur,  and other activities of public interest.  The multi-million dollar development hosts an event called the "Art of the Machine."  This event is open to individual car and motorcycle clubs to show their vehicles and hold their club meetings once per year.

Just as last year, we used this facility to hold our event.  In our show, many motorcyclists in our area came together from different groups to enjoy the viewing and discussing of many of the interesting questions and issues of our sport.  We had some unique bikes like the string of Hondamatics, a CB400A, a CM400A, a CM450A, and at least three CB750A's.  There were numerous early sport bikes like a 25 year old Yamaha FJ1200 which had been beautifully restored.  There was a 1992 Honda CBR900 which was in nearly perfect condition.  There was an early Honda C92 Dream 125 which was a non American bike brought to the US in the mid 1960's.  I have never seen one prior to viewing this bike.  It looked like a CA95 Benley Touring, but had a 125 rather than a 150cc engine but with the two part Japanese style seat.  The bike was actually in good condition for being a vintage un-restored Japanese bike which had not been altered (except for the newly recovered seats)!  There were numerous 1980's Japanese bikes turned into cafe racers from all four major brands.   One bike which drew much attention was a Black Bomber CB450 which was in nearly perfect un-restored condition.  This bike has been in the same family since 1967 and looks like it could be sitting on the showroom floor.  There were some Honda CB100's in great condition, a CB350 in very good condition, a Yamaha  XS400 (my guess is a 1980) in nearly perfect condition, and at least three bright yellow mid 1980's Yamaha RZ350's.

Several from our club estimated that we hosted over 120 bikes throughout the day and had 93 bikes showing at the highest single point in the day.  We estimated that most of our own members (Yahoo Group members) were there which represented around 118 people.  We also estimated that we had around 300 additional people who came from direct and indirect invitation.  As far as the total number of visitors, we had more than last year which went well over 1,000 estimated attendees.  One great thing which happens at this type of event is that many people are introduced to VJMC who never knew that such a group existed.  I talked to well over 20 people who were newcomers to the knowledge that there was a vintage Japanese enthusiast club in the US or even our city. We had two large VJMC banners on display as well as cards and fliers to hand out to those interested.  The managers of the "City Market" facility stated that we have been the largest show that they have ever hosted in this complex.

A few days before the show Frank Sereno, KCVJMC Vice President, and myself were discussing the final plans and Frank commented that if we had half of the involvement that we had last year (in 2012) the event would still be a success.  After the show was over and most of the people had left,  Frank and I talked for a few minutes and we both agreed that the event was certainly larger and had more energy than the 2012 event, which had been an exceptional event in its own right.  What a great feeling it is to end the day having had so much fun, seeing  solid growth, getting to look at so many great Japanese motorcycles, and connecting with so many motorcycle enthusiasts!   It was also great to see members from numerous other enthusiast oriented motorcycle clubs attend.  Now we are finalizing plans for our VJMC "Midwest Regional Rally & Show" to be held on Saturday August 10th.

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