There aren't enough words to properly acknowledge all the wonderful people helping make the KCVJMC 5/11/13 3rd Annual Show and Swap a success. It is hard to imagine we've come this far in just over three years as a start-up Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club chapter. But here we are!

Both KCVJMC President Mark Bayer and I want to thank the following sponsors and individuals for bringing this May show to life and ensuring our club could make it happen. Our thank are in no particular order except to ensure we acknowledge all involved:

Schembri Flooring and Martech: Chris Schembri, Sam Schembri, and Ralph Migliazzo are rock solid partners as they offered their entire facility to host our show. They spent countless hours meeting, organizing, and coordinating everything from logistics to marketing to final execution. Their generous contributions in time, labor, and funding brought an excitement and level of professionalism we could only dream. This show and its success are dedicated to you and your unrelenting assistance. We hope to be partners for a long, long time. Welcome to the club!

KCVJMC member Joe Galetti: Joe was instrumental in forging the relationship among our show Committee members. He brought new location ideas to the forefront, gathered everyone together to discuss the big picture, and ensured everything from strategy to pinpoint event assignments were covered. His deep ties and relationships with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG), Festival Foods, Union Shop Apparel, and the KCK Fire Department brought all the amenities and nuance our show desperately needed.  Thank you for leading the way and taking the reigns to get it done.

Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA): Darrell Smith, MDA Regional Director, was not only an extremely professional and courteous show sponsor but a crucial part of getting the event get off the ground. We've said all along the KCVJMC wanted
to raise funds for a local charity and MDA was more than happy to help make that happen. Thanks to your and your staff for attending our show and ensuring every single dime made its way to fight muscular disease. Thanks as well for allowing the KCVJMC to support your organization.

Union Shop Apparel: Bob Palmer, Owner, went WAY above to help us offer event t-shirts. He and his staff provided the high uality shirts with proceeds going right to MDA. They also brought the big tent for our food court. Outstanding, sir. We also want to thank Stacey Dujakovich for making sure the final shirt design was 100% perfect and we had all the staff shirt sizes spot on.

Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG) and Festival Foods: It's not often you find sponsors extremely eager to raise funds or a charity yet these two organizations didn't shy away from the effort. They committed early, committed deep, and came through with awesome food and drinks for the May Show. Our club thanks you. Our stomachs thank you. Chowing down on some juicy hot dogs, crispy potato chips, and washing it all down with ice cold soda rounded out a happy day.

Clymer Manuals: James Grooms, Publisher, helped in more ways than we can count. Clymer helped our show attendees and we are extremely grateful. Clymer Publications kindly provided motorcycle manuals as give-aways. They were also instrumental in a sizable MDA donation which, in turn, supported our May Show expenses. Thanks, James, for recognizing our efforts and wanting to truly partner with the KCVJMC. It goes without saying we understand your love for the sport of motorcycling and want to be longterm patners. Thanks to KCVJMC member John Bender for arranging our discussion with Clymer Publications in the first place.

Donnell's Motorcycles: The KCVJMC loves our vintage Japanese bikes but we also love to see the latest offerings. Thank you to the entire Donnell's staff for bringing a few of the most modern, best engineered motorcycles on the planet. We recognize you took time on a very busy Saturday to attend our show and we thank you for bringing such a large bike selection to showcase.

Elscott Design: Jon Elscott, Owner, brought us the extremely cool shirt design. It was, by far, the best design we'd seen and certainly beat any effort Mark and I could muster. We're so glad to have you as a founding club member and look forward to putting your superior design capabilities to good use. Thanks for making this show's design so quickly and implementing changes right up to the deadline.

Kansas City, KS Fire Department: Wow. We simply couldn't have asked for a better opening to our show. We might have brought the bikes but you brought the colors and made us all stop in our tracks. Polished, tight, and proud ... thanks to the KCKFD color guard for reminding us the USA is the best country in the world.

KCVJMC club members: With no exceptions our club members make us what we are. Many, many club members either helped before, during, or after the show. We've said all along our success comes from what each member gives to the club. Volunteerism is the driving force that makes this club so much more than a simple get together. We specifically thank these members for doing whatever it took to make the May Show function like a professional, organized, and fun event. In no particular order of importance:

John B., Calvin R., Claude C., Bill and Sandy, Jim B., Bill B., Don St. J., James and Lynn, Bob, Jim K., Drew W., Fred R. Jr., Fred R. Sr., Byran F., Mike J., Jon E., Robert, Kelli B., and Mike.

Thank you to everyone for making our event an all-around success!

Frank Sereno