Our KCVJMC club sponsored our first "VJMC Midwest Regional" motorcycle show, which was held on August 10th of this year.  The  event exceeded our expectations and will become our third annual show of the year.  In May we have our "Show And Swap."  In July we have our "All Japanese"  Motorcycle show.   And now in August, we will have our "VJMC Regional."

Peter Slatcoff, VJMC's national events coordinator, not only approved the show, but wanted to give it as much national publicity as he could.  The goal was to establish the show as an annual Midwest event which could be developed as a major event for VJMC.  If this first show was any sign of future success, I have no doubt that this event will grow into a significant show.

The event was held at the Commemorative Air Force Museum in New Century, Kansas.  New Century is around 30 miles southwest of Kansas City.  Our club partnered with the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) through the efforts of Jim Boughan.  His help was greatly appreciated.  The CAF Museum offered much to the show.  There were four WWII planes on site as well as vintage Jeeps, old aircraft engines, and other military and airplane related items.  There also happened to be an air balloon show going on in the area.  It turned out to be a great location and plenty of space was available.  There were items of interest beyond Japanese motorcycles, and the CAF volunteers were very helpful as well.  CAF also provided the food at a reasonable price which was appreciated.  From beginning to end, the event was nearly problem free thanks to CAF and KCVJMC volunteers!

The show was to start at 8am.  The weather was great, topping out in the low 80's.  Bikes began to show up a little later than what is typical for our shows, but by 10am, we had around 80 bikes.  The numbers grew to around 90 motorcycles being shown at one time.  I'm guessing that we had around 120 show bikes throughout the day.  There was also another bike show going on in the parking lot.  At one time, we had half as many bikes in the parking area as we had in the hanger, and many were vintage bikes as well.

Several things happened, which I feel were positive developments for this show.  First, the mix of older bikes was greater than what we have had at other shows.  Secondly, we saw many new bikes show up.  We really appreciate the regulars, but it's great to see new people attend our events as well.  Thirdly, we drew people from distances greater than what we normally do.  Finally, the partnership between our groups (KCVJMC & CAF) was a good mix.  The show went so well from beginning to end, that if the 2014 show was to be identical to this event, it would still be a success!

I still look back at our first  "regional" show with fondness.  It was so much fun.  I am now looking forward to our 2014 season with anticipation.  I want to thank everyone and anyone who helped in any way.   These events take time, people, planning, and commitment.  No one person can see them succeed.  It takes many people, doing numerous things and even the smallest amount of help is appreciated.  I am proud that our KCVJMC members are quick to help without expecting accolades or much direction.  You guys just step in and help when needed.  Our final major event will be the annual KCVJMC picnic.  John Bender is currently working on the plans.  Remember, keep watching  www.kcvjmc.org!

Mark Bayer, President KCVJMC