For the past several years, our fall picnic has been popular with our VJMC club and we have been joined by many other interested local motorcycle enthusiasts as well.  The event is primarily for our own group but we use it to introduce our club to other motorcyclists in our area.  We have had a number of people join VJMC at this event.  Because of the success of this event, our club decided to host our first spring rally.   It was held at a prominent shopping area called Zona Rosa.   The Zona Rosa center has also been used by British and Italian car and motorcycle groups as well.   We wanted an event early in the year to begin the 2015 riding and show season.  

 We picked the date in the fall of 2014 hoping for good weather.  As those in our area know, weather can be very unpredictable.   Our first All Kansas City Metro Rally was held on Sunday, April 19th. of this year.   Early in the month, it looked like we were going to have an early summer! Several days before the event, however, everything changed.  It got cold, rainy, windy and our area experienced some serious storms.  Several cities north of Kansas City even had golf ball sized hail.  We got heavy rain Friday, Saturday, and the weather man predicted 80% rain for the Sunday our event was scheduled to take place.  I actually got depressed Saturday because of the steady rain fall.  Our club had promoted the event for months and it looked as though there was little hope of actually having a successful rally.  Sunday morning I got up early and walked outside, there were dark clouds, wet ground, puddles of water everywhere, and it was also cold.  I had told Frank Sereno, our Vice President, that I would get to the location several hours early to begin the set up.  Frank actually went to the location late Saturday afternoon and roped off the area that we needed.    As I traveled closer to the event location, the skies got brighter and the clouds began to open up.   For several hours the sun actually came out! Once I arrived at Zona Rosa, the sky was clear and it was actually getting warmer!   The event was scheduled for noon to 3pm and I got there around 10:30am.  This observable weather change made me wonder if VJMC has some sort of power over the weather?  The weather remained good until around 3pm just before the event was to end when the sky began to grow dark again.  We were fortunate to have had about four hours of pleasant weather.   What a break!

When I arrived at the location I was surprised that a few people had actually gotten there really early.   Few motorcycles showed up before noon but a little after 12, they began to stream in.   The lines of bikes grew from one line to two, then to three and then four lines of motorcycles.  Because of the cold weather and potential rain, many visitors came in cars and some even brought their bikes in trailers.   Even with the questionable weather, we still hosted somewhere around 140 motorcycles throughout the duration of the event.   I spoke with dozens of people about our club, VJMC, and our upcoming shows and events scheduled for summer.   The event was without a doubt a huge success even though it was probably much smaller than it could have been because of the questionable weather.  If it had not been for the sun coming out for several hours we would surely have had a much smaller event or none at all!  In the end, it turned out great, people gathered and talked about their winter projects or purchases,  did a little bragging, pointed out their favorite bikes, and many thanked us for sponsoring the event.   What could have been a disaster because of the weather turned out to be a lot of fun.  The local paper (the Kansas City Star) even showed up and took a number of photos and posted them on their site called "Mingle"  under the heading KCVJMC Metro Motorcycle Rally. We had many ask us if we will have the event in 2016.  Without a doubt, we will.   We just hope that next year will give us better weather. Track us on or our Face Book page and please join us if you are able.

Find pictures of the event on the Kansas City Star Mingle page here:

Mark Bayer  KCVJMC President
Missouri VJMC Representative