Frank Sereno, KCVJMC Vice President, and I held the first KCVJMC meeting on the last Sunday in January 2011.  We grew from around 5 people in attendance to the typical 20 to 30 who regularly attend our meetings now.  Nearly every monthly meeting is visited by a few new faces,  these are people who have followed the club but don't attend meetings regularly.  My guess is that our meetings host around 180 to 200 new people yearly.  We consider actual VJMC members to be the "official" KCVJMC club members, however we freely encourage and allow participation by anyone who wants to work with the club at any level.  Non-VJMC participants are not treated as second class citizens at all.  In fact, many have been very active since the early years of our club meetings.  We greatly appreciate all who join us at any level!

If you count actual VJMC members in our immediate area, in February of 2012 we began with around
  62 Kansas and Missouri members.  In October of  2014 we had around 118 Kansas and Missouri VJMC members, VJMC membership has doubled in a span of about 2 years and 8 months.  My guess is that if you counted the new VJMC members from 2011 to 2014, the growth in VJMC membership would be around 80 new members.  There are a number of VJMC members who closely follow and attend our activities who have never attended a monthly meeting.

The big growth, however
 has been in the size of our events.  Our first show featured around 15 motorcycles with around 40 visitors.  Our 2012 events grew to around 60 to 90 bikes and  the events in 2013 were attended by 90 to 150 motorcycles.  In 2014 all three of our main events displayed around 200 motorcycles in each event, and possibly a few more at two of them.  Attendance at our shows would range from under 50 people in 2011 to a guess of over 700 attendees at our largest event this year.  Obviously, weather has a strong hand in how an event will turn out.  This year, all three events ended with good weather.  The VJMC Regional looked as though it would be a rain out but by late morning, the weather cleared up and the bikes showed up.  One of the most promising developments has been the numbers of VJMC members from outside the Kansas City area who have started to participate in events.  All of our 2014 events included an increasing number of people who rode at least 100 to 200 miles to one of our events event.  We are the only active club in a radius of approximately  200-300 miles, so people farther out are joining us.  We really appreciate this.  If you are one of those people, make sure and look up Frank, myself or any other KCVJMC participant, we really want to meet you.  We consider you an important part of what we do.

Our meetings last around an hour and a half.  We usually start by greeting visitors, move on to business, then end with discussions about new motorcycle acquisitions, builds, or an event that someone had attended.   Visitors are welcomed to participate as freely as the old timers.  We are an "enthusiast"  driven club.  We are about old Japanese bikes, not politics or any kind of aristocratic order which is what drives many away from meetings!  We just enjoy the old bikes, planning events, and talking about motorcycles.  I think much of our success is grounded in the respect we have for people, the maintenance of maintaining non-toxic dialogue, and the refusal to get involved in battles over personalities, politics, or minutia.  If someone has a good idea we're all ears!  If you are in the KC area on the last Sunday of any month, please join us.  We have cancelled only one or two meetings throughout our entire history so assume we will be having a meeting on the scheduled dates.  Our web site is always updated so if there are any questions make sure and check there.  Make sure that you check out the pictures of our past events, and above all,  join us at meetings, shows, events, rides, or join the KCVJMC Facebook  group.  

Mark Bayer  KCVJMC President
Kansas/Missouri VJMC representative