As we enter the first days of Spring let me welcome you to a new riding season.  Kansas City has experienced unusually warmer Winters in recent years.  However, this Winter was not so favorable for stringing together snow-free, lukewarm riding days.  What happened to our global warming?  Not to worry.  Spring is finally here and the weather is moderating.  Afternoon highs are consistently creeping into the 50's and liquid precipitation is occuring about every 3-4 days.  We now have an opportunity to, once again, enjoy decent rides for a change.

2014 brings a new chapter to the KCVJMC as our club celebrated its 4th birthday this past January.  It's hard for President Mark Bayer and me to truly grasp how far our club has come in such a short span.  We started with 5 acquaintances sitting in a local coffee shop just kicking around ideas about a local VJMC chapter.  Fast forward to today and we've created and shared a collective vision with over 125 registered members.  There are many more local enthusiasts attending our shows and rides, too.  Please know we are committed to keeping the KCVJMC fun, friendly, engaging, and a safe environment for all participants and spectators.  This vision also includes civic-minded efforts for Kansas City and the region.  All that we do and accomplish is simply because our members make it so.

Would you like to participate in 2014?  Good!  We have a full menu of opportunities to share the KCVJMC experience.  From our MDA fund-raising May Show and Swap to the July All Japanese Show to the VJMC Regional show in August, the club is committed to providing every Japanese motorcycle rider a chance to participate.  Do not be shy.  Bring out your Japanese bike.  Club members come from all walks of life with varying skill sets, diverse backgrounds, and unique experiences which strengthen our bond. Mark and I feel the best part of our club is the friendships made between members.  That interaction involving the KCVJMC and vintage Japanese motorcycles rolls over into our personal lives as well.  I cannot begin to explain how our members interact throughout the month outside of club functions.  Networking and sharing resources are primary goals of the club so you understand why everyone is talking.

With that said, the KCVJMC wishes you a great start to the year.  It's time to take off the bike cover, untender the battery charger, check the tires, top off the tank, flip the petcock to main, and fire up the engine.  We hope to see you at our 2014 events.  Let’s get involved in riding again!  Let's get busy with our KCVJMC events!

Frank Sereno