As a civic-minded and socially responsible organization, it's important to periodically share our fund raising activities so members understand how their efforts help our chosen charity - the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).  As you may recall, our club keeps no money raised at our events.  After covering small event expenses (e.g. port-a-potties), every single penny received goes directly to the MDA fight.

Here is a break down of funds raised year to date:

1.  2015 Spring Show at Donnell's Motorcycles:  100% of gate donations and 100% of food donations generated were given on-site to Brian Studdard, MDA Executive Director - Kansas City.  That total was slightly below $2000.

2.  2015 KCVJMC show t-shirts are offered with net proceeds directly benefiting MDA.  After covering the shirt production costs all remaining revenue is given to them.  As of last Saturday, shirt donations have generated $700 net revenue.  That $700 was given directly to Brian at the conclusion of our June All Japanese Rally and Swap last Saturday.

3.  An anonymous KCVJMC member's $200 contribution was mailed to Brian earlier this year.

In summary, the YTD total MDA donations from the KCVJMC is just under $2900!  Let's keep the momentum going as we attempt to eclipse our $4000 goal.  Thanks to everyone for their involvement whether it be donated time, effort and/or money.  You can and should feel good about your contribution!

Mark Bayer, KCVJMC President
Frank Sereno, KCVJMC Vice-President