I am very thankful this season.  I’m thankful to all KCVJMC members for your overwhelming support this past year.  As you recall our club chose the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) as our May event sponsor and supporting charity.  At the end of the show we had raised over $3200 in donations.  It was a successful fund raiser and the MDA was extremely grateful for the effort.


NOTE:  I heard an anonymous donor provided an additional $200 MDA donation after our May show. This donation was based on the positive response you helped create with the KCVJMC event.


After the May show recall we had many commemorative show t-shirts left over.  Show sponsor Union Shop Apparel gifted these extra shirts to the club with a request we continue raising funds for MDA.


So we did.


The KCVJMC set up a shirt table at the City Market All Japanese show, the CAF Midwest Regional show, and the Fall Picnic.  All remaining KCVJMC May Show shirts were available with 100% donations going to MDA.  Current members, new members, and the general public donated what they could for these commemorative shirts.  As of the Fall Picnic the KCVJMC raised an additional $710 from t-shirt donations.  Wow!  That’s over $4000 for MDA!


A special thank you to KCVJMC member Kelli B. for relentlessly collecting MDA shirt donations.  She spent countless hours setting up, staffing, and tearing down the shirt donation table at each of these shows.


As we head into the holiday season know you made a positive difference this year. On behalf of KCVJMC President Mark Bayer, we are thankful for everyone’s hard work, compassion and generosity.  Your club participation brings a wealth of knowledge and friendship.  You’re helping find a cure for those afflicted with muscular dystrophy.  Lastly, you’re helping keep beautiful vintage Japanese motorcycles on the road for everyone to see.


Have a great Thanksgiving.  You've earned it.


Frank Sereno