Welcome to my not-so-secret Bel Airs music page!  This page is dedicated to one of the best regional bands I've ever heard.  I've been a fan ever since catching them live several years ago at Knuckleheads in Kansas City.  As you know it is impossible to find their 'Need Me A Car' album.  It's even more impossible to find it in a digital form. So, that's why I have posted it here.  I converted the album to MP3 as a gift to other Bel Airs fans.  Enjoy!

*** At no time should the album found here be downloaded and resold.  GIFT THIS ALBUM ONLY! ***

Frank Sereno

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 **NEW** The Bel Airs - Need Me A Car

The Bel Airs - Need Me A Car.zip The Bel Airs - Need Me A Car.zip
Size : 32661.839 Kb
Type : zip

This zip file is a digital recording of an original Bel Airs 'Need Me A Car' 1984 album.    There is no EQ manipulation.  Scanned album front and back cover image are included in the zip file.  (June 2014)