Useful Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Links

General Links

  • Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club - North America:  The North American VJMC organization we encourage all members to join.
  • Mark Bayer's Motorcycle Page:  Administered by KCVJMC's President Mark Bayer, his site includes dozens of interesting links to motorcycle web sites.
  • Vintage Motorcycle Decal Kits:  Great resource for many motorcycle decals and stickers.
  • Consolidated Motor Spares:  Spare parts for many Japanese bike makes/models.
  • Old Bike Barn:  More spare parts for many Japanese bike makes/models. (Note:  This vendor occasionally sells "available" parts but, in reality, the part is on back-order.)
  • Bike Bandit:  Parts, parts, and more parts including bike part index diagrams.
  • Alfa Heaven, Inc.:  Collector bikes index page and parts inventory.
  • Parts N More:  Offering thousands of vintage Japanese parts.
  • Powers Edge:  Offering Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki parts.
  • Z1 Enterprises:  Specializes in vintage Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha NOS (New Old Stock) and aftermarket parts: cables, brake pads, carb kits, decals, emblems, fork seals, engine parts, electronic ignitions and much more.
  • Jerry's Cycles:  Vintage and classic Japanese motorcycle parts.
  • Partzilla:  Great site for vintage and classic Japanese motorcycle parts. Good part diagrams as well.
  • CMS:  Another 'must have' site to bookmark for vintage Japanese bike parts.  2,900,000+ parts at your fingertips. Excellent diagrams, too.
  • The Biker's Bookstore:  If you're an enthusiast, collector, restorer or rider of a classic motorbike and need a workshop or parts manual, look here. Maybe you're looking for a specific poster or brochure? They probably have it.
  • Cycle Manufacturing:  Motorcycle frames custom made to your specifications, hard tail sections, along with Do It Yourself (DYI) builder parts.
  • Cycle  Hot-Rod Motors, engine parts, frames, front ends, trike frames, Hi-Performance ignitions, exhausts, gaskets, engine coating, carbs, etc.
  • TC Brothers Choppers:  A tremendous list of parts and supplies worth at least a look.
  • AMCA Santa Fe Trail Chapter:  Local Antique Motorcycle Club of America chapter in Kansas City.  Excellent organization.
  • HoAME:  Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts club located in Kansas City.  All bikes welcome.
  • Blue Star Motorcycles:  Located in Kansas City, MO, Blue Star works on vintage Japanese bikes.  Jim Hoke, owner, works right in the shop so tell him we say hello.
  • Lawrence Motorcycle Shop:  Vintage Japanese motorcycle service is available in Lawrence, KS.
  • Larry's License Plates:  An extremely good resource to secure hard-to-find antique motorcycle license plates.  Larry specializes in YOM (Year Of Manufacture) plates you can retitle for your vintage motorcycle.  The prices may be higher than average but Larry guarantees the YOM plates are good or your money refunded.  The KCVJMC recommends Larry Niederschulte.  Search service available.
  • Kansas License  A great spot to find high quality antique Kansas license plates for motorcycles.  They have thousands of plates for sale.  Search service available.
  • Flying Colors:  Located in Independence, MO., owner Rusty paints vintage and late model bikes. Very reasonable rates, too.  You'll need an appointment as he can only paint personal bike parts on Saturdays (Note:  his weekday job is for local dealerships).  Just be patient, understanding of his schedule, and very specific about the parts you want painted.  Call 816-694-8781.
  • Schumann Motor Works:  These are new 21st century Viton valve seals made for 20th century bikes.  Recommended by KCVJMC members.
  • Cycle Trader:  Buy, sell, or trade your next bike.
  • NADA Motorcycle Guide:  What is the value of your bike?
  • Kelley Blue Book:  Another resource regarding the value of your bike.
  • Slim's Cycle Seat:  Located in Lee's Summit, Missouri, KCVJMC members have used his seat refinishing with positive results.  The link provided is a Slim's Cycle Seat business review in Cycle Connections; contact information is at the bottom of the article.
  • North Kansas City Auto Trim:  Another good seat refinishing local business used by KCVJMC members.
  • The Interior Shop:  Another fantastic seat refinishing local Kansas City business used by KCVJMC members.  Great work.  Reasonable pricing.  Fast turn-around.
  • LPF Coatings: Located in Kansas City, MO, LPF coatings provides powder coating in most any color you want.  KCVJMC members use and like their services.
  • Crosslink Powder Coating of KC: Located in Kansas City,MO, Crosslink Powder Coating of KC also provides power coating.  KCVJMC members have used their services and say they are a great place with reasonable prices.
  • Metal By The Foot: Located in Kansas City, MO, this family run company is a small and large quantity metals distributor with over 750,000# of on hand inventory, not including our showroom hardware items, and tools. We specialize in steel, aluminum, brass, and stainless standard shapes and sizes, as well as quality metal related tools and hardware.  KCVJMC members swear by their selection, quality, and service.
  • All Cycle Supply:  Good resource for vintage Japanese motorcycles.  We've specifically found it useful for finding steel friction plates for Honda clutches.
  • St. John Brake and Muffler:  Good resource for manufactured brackets and used/recommended by KCVJMC members.
  • Sudco:  If you're looking for Mikuni or Keihin carburetor parts or replacements, research at SUDCO.  They are the only importer and main US distributor for both brands of Japanese carbs.  They have a great web site, great customer service,and lots of new parts,tools and tuning guides as stated by KCVJMC members.
  • Tommy Ray Designs:  Looking for someone to do local paint?  Try Tommy Ray.  Reach out and connect with him on Facebook.
  • Acme Brass:  Looking for another local re-chroming resource? Try James Hummel at Acme Brass.  They're located at 1315 Tracy, KC,Mo. 64106.  Phone:  816.471.1008.  He does the prep work which has to be done before things can be chromed and can also have things chromed.  He does stuff for the custom bike guys in KC.
  • Clay Stockdall:  Working out of his home in Overland Park, KCVJMC member Randy Sams swears Clay is the best in town with vintage Japanese motorcycle carbs.  Randy would know as he's had all 51 of his vintage Japanese bikes (including a CBX) done by Clay.  Clay's phone: 816-365-8687.
  • Digi Sync:  KCVJMC member Bon Shaw has the only way to synchronize up to six carburetors simultaneously with true digital accuracy. No vibrating gauges. The Digi Sync six-channel manometer is automatically self calibrating and temperature compensated.  He also has created the SmartSwitch.  It protects your handlebar switches from high currents that can cause Start Button and High/Low beam switches to fail, and even melt, due to the high current demands of your headlight. This can leave you stranded, unable to turn on your headlight and/or unable to start your bike. It also delivers up to a 32% increase in low-beam brightness and up to a 40% increase in high-beam brightness when compared to using a stock wiring.
  • Ethanol-Free Gas Stations in the USA: Website providing ethanol-free gas stations in Kansas City and across America.
General forums

Honda Motorcycle Links

  • Mark Bayer's Vintage & Unique Honda Page:  This is a premier site dedicated toward the History & Development of Honda Motorcycles.
  • Classic Honda Restoration:  Specializing in parts for 305 Honda motorcycles - CA72/CA77, CB72/CB77, CL72/CL77.  Great site run by Tim McDowell and highly recommended.
  • Honda Motorcycle Enthusiasts:  One of the most complete websites for Honda history with links and lists of Honda resources.
  • Vintage Honda Paint:  NOS parts, paint, and more.
  • Old Man Honda: Devoted to help those who wish to repair, restore, and ride 70's and 80's Honda motorcycles.  Great resource.
  • David Silver Spares:  Stocks many 1000's of spares for Honda motorcycles including many discontinued and obsolete parts.  Search by model or part number.
  •  An outstanding collection of forums, advice, parts, restoration, historical items, and literature links.
  • Honda Restoration: Buying and selling Vintage Honda motorcycle NOS parts with over 43,000 hard to find vintage Honda parts in stock.
  • Vintage CB750:  You guessed it.  Honda 750 parts for series 1-4.
  • Motorcycle Yamiya:  Honda CB750 Four K-series motorcycle parts.
  • Dime City Cycles:  Parts for Honda bobbers and cafe racers.
  • Randakk's Cycle Shakk: Dedicated to Keeping Your Honda GL1000 / GL1100 / GL1200 / GL1500 / CBX / CX500 / DOHC-4 Running and looking good.
  • Four Into One: Very good site for hard-to-find vintage Honda motorcycle parts.
  • Honda Motorcycle Parts Codes:  All parts on a Honda motorcycle have a unique part number. Honda divides parts into two broad categories, General Parts and Standard Parts. General parts are those unique to Honda, such as valves, pistons, gas tank etc. Standard parts are parts that follow universal standards, such as nuts, bolts and such.   Determine Honda parts code numbers and their meaning.  Thanks to club member John Bender for sharing this link.
  • F(rankenstein) B(ike) Stuff:  A new 2016 site selling re-pop, old-school Honda CB side covers and badges at a very reasonable price.  They also sell the die cast to make your own!
Honda forums
  • Honda 750 discussion board:  A place for all CB750 enthusiasts to share:  buy, sell, find something for your bike, need advice, want to share an experience, or just want to show off your photos.
  • Honda Twins discussion board:  CB 160-175, CB350, CB360, and CB450 Honda's are all discussed here.
  •  The ultimate distilled evolution of motorcycling.  Rat Bike Zone: Ratbikes, Survivalbikes, Low Budget Choppers, Trikes, Streetfighters, Custom Bikes, Matte Black.
  • SOHC 750:  A community dedicated to 1969 – 1978 CB750 Honda Choppers, Bobbers, and Cafe Racers.
  • CX500 and GL 500 forum:  Comprehensive discussion about the CX500, CX650, GL500, GL650, and Turbo variants.

Kawasaki Motorcycle Links

  • Kawasaki Motorcycle.Org: A leading internet Kawasaki forum.
  • KZ400:  History, Ads, Articles, Technical Data, Road Tests, Model identification, Technical Tips Workshop Manual, KZ400 B Engine rebuild KZ400D3/S Engine, maintainance, Engine modification, Restore, Repair pictures, Drag Racing, etc.
  • The Kawasaki Twin Owners Forum:  A forum to discussion or ask questions about the Classic Kawasaki Twins.
  • Sudco:  Excellent resource for vintage Kawasaki parts.  Now available:  ’69-’71 KAWASAKI H-1 REPLICA EXHAUST SYSTEM.  That's right, the same great people that have offered you new Mikuni and Keihen carburetors, parts, and performance guides are now offering OEM replica exhaust parts for your restoration projects.
  • Vintage Kawasaki LTD: A site offering lots of parts.  Looks promising!

Suzuki Motorcycle Links

  • The GSR Resources:  Excellent resource for Suzuki GS/GSX Models Only - 1976 through 1985.

Yamaha Motorcycle Links

  •  Yamaha 650 twin motorcycles (XS-1, XS-2, TX650, and XS650) and their owners who love to ride, restore, and customize them.  All XS650 enthusiasts are welcome regardless of where you are from or whether you are into XS650 choppers, bobbers, cafe racers, street trackers, flat trackers, or restorations.
  •  Dedicated to the maximum enjoyment of the landmark Japanese twin, the Yamaha XS650.
  •  Yamaha XS400 twin motorcycles and their owners who love to ride, restore, and customize them. Yamaha XS360 and XS250 enthusiasts are welcome here too.
  • Yamaha Triples web community:  Promoting a friendly, on-line community specifically related to the Yamaha XS750 and XS850 motorcycles.
  • Virago  Discussion includes the Virago, Tech Info & Articles, choppers, customs, trike, 82 xv750, xv, 920r, xv920, xv920rh, xv750h, xv750j, xv920j, xv920rj, xv500k, xv750k, xv920k, xv750mk, and xv920mk.
  • SR500 Forum:  Comprehensive discussion forum for the SR500 and SRX600 models.
  • Mikes XS: Mikes XS supplies parts for Yamaha XS/TX650 Twins (1970-84) as well as a limited number of parts for other vintage Yamaha motorcycles.
  • Auto and Cycle City in Leavenworth, KS:  Contact Jerry Wano at Auto and Cycle City, 902 N. 7th Street, Leavenworth, KS.  They do cylinder boring.  He has 35 years experience and is recommended by KCVJMC members.  Jerry has bored and put high compression pistons in on 4-wheelers and race bike and they run super.  Classic Yamaha's are his specialties.  Call him at 913-772-6227.

Bridgestone, Cabton, Fuji, Hodaka, Hosk, Marusho, Meguro, Mitsubishi, Miyata, Rikuo, and Tohatsu

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